AT Survey: How Do You Wash Your Duds?

AT Survey: How Do You Wash Your Duds?

Regina Yunghans
May 22, 2007

Photo via Flickr

We're just about fed up with our neighborhood laundromat. We still take our laundry in and wash it there ourselves, because we just can't justify jumping from $12/week to $45/week to pay for drop-off washing.

But, our local place has lots of drop-off business and they seem to be falling behind with it lately. We hop in to do the wash and find that they're up to their eyeballs in laundry. So, we're finding that we're waiting longer and longer to get an empty machine. We plan on trying two other nearby laundromats in coming weeks and just might bite the bullet and start dropping-off if they're no better.

Of course, we'd love to put a machine in our kitchen or bathroom but there's simply no space. So we're on the fence for now. This got us wondering what everyone else does.

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