AT Survey: Want To Do a Group Cure?

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With the AT book coming out next week we've been thinking about how to tie it and the blog together and somehow create both a forum and a support group for those people who would like to kick off the spring with their own 8 Step Cure. Right now we're considering blogging the Cure week by week (on the Book blog page), starting in April (till the end of May).

In this way all those who were reading the book could post their before pics along with others, meetup in open threads and then track their progress (and others) over the next eight weeks. We would oversee it, highlight projects on the main blog, and offer help whenever we could. Mainly the group would offer one another help as they would all be working through the same section of the Cure.

To do this, however, we would need to know there was enough interest, so the question is, how many of you are ready for the Cure in April?? Feel free to offer up suggestions as well.

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