AT Survey: Would You Karaoke at The Airport?

121808sing-01.jpgAlright, we have to admit, when we heard about karaoking at the airport this holiday season to calm nerves before flying we got a little excited. We are avid karaoke singers (our last birthday was held in a private karaoke room in Koreatown). But we wondered if other frequent flyers would be as stoked. Traveling, especially during the holiday season, can be quite stressful, so songs of holiday cheer might be the ticket to de-stress. But then again a bad karaoke singer could also cause high anxiety among vacationers. And apparently the singing platform isn't tucked away in some dark airport bar, it's out in the open between gates at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport (listen to the full story here). So what do you think AT readers, this holiday season, would you participate in karaoke at the airport to calm your nerves before flying?

[Image from Invisible Hour]