Atelier No. 1 Textile by Luna

NeoCon 2012

Luna is always a favorite stop at NeoCon - it's one of the showrooms where the physical space is as stylish as the products being shown - and in the case of Luna, that is beautifully crafted fabrics. This year, they are starting a new tradition…

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… by launching the first of a series of experimental fabrics. Titled "Atelier One" this unique design was inspired by Mark Rothko paintings and has a very unusual, yet pretty, effect in person, almost as if parts of the design are moving in and out of focus.

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The repeat on the pattern is also quite unusual - it is a 15 foot repeat, meaning that if, for example, you used it to upholster a grouping of dining chairs, they would, by the nature of the repeat, be an eclectic mix - you have to embrace the anti-matchy-matchy. This super-sized repeat also makes this design a perfect candidate for a wall-hung fabric panel.

Product: Atelier No. 1 Textile
Available: Now - just launched!
Company: Luna

Reporter & Images: Janel Laban
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