ATLA & CA Boom drawing winner: Simone Najar

ATLA & CA Boom drawing winner: Simone Najar

Gregory Han
Sep 14, 2006

ATLA reader and CA Boom drawing winner, Simone Najar, was kind enough to share some thoughts (and the photo above) about her experience at the LA's New Independents tour this past weekend:

"The Ca Boom tour was inspiring! I've been a Dwell reader for years now, laying on my couch studying modern architecture and I loved getting the opportunity to dwell in some incredible spaces for a minute and see for myself the wonder great architecture can produce.

The common thread in all of the houses in the way they incorporate the outdoors into the indoor area, extending the living space and evoking a feeling of living with nature and bringing nature inside.

I would say my favorites on the tour were the Ohara/Neutra residence and the Standard LLP Silverlake house. The Ohara house is stunning with the beautiful lush walkway up to the house, the serene founts and the indoor/outdoor feel of the entire house connecting to the gardens and decks at every turn. It was also beautifully decorated (they all were, in different ways.)

If I had to choose though, I 'd say I'm a Standard LLP Silverlake house kind of girl. I just loved the beautiful wood everywhere, the huge deck extending the living room, the decks upstairs outside the bedrooms, the sleek kitchen with a view. Views everywhere. I just walked around the house and said "wow." Again, it's the indoor/outdoor feel. Something about it made me think of a very cool secret treehouse (with an incredible modern kitchen).

If I get a chance I'd love to go on another tour--the Mt Washington homes looks incredible! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity, Apartment Therapy and CA Boom! My friend and I had a great time!"

We're announcing the next winner for the West Hollywood Hills Tour this Friday. You really want to enter to win, since this tour showcases the iconic Pierre Koenig designed Case Study House #22! We're still accepting contest entries, so email us! Or forgo Lady Luck and be a patron of local architecture by purchasing tickets directly here.

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