ATLA Survey: How Often Do You Have Guests?

ATLA Survey: How Often Do You Have Guests?

Abby Stone
Aug 14, 2008

atla-081408-guests01.jpgWe have a friend who's always having people over. Whether for they come for meals, to just hang out, for a party or a sleepover, her house is always open. Some things are meticulously planned, some things just happen but, big or small, they always seem to work. Spurred on by her example, we've tried to follow her lead. Some of the things we've learned, and a survey on your own guesting, after the jump...

Along with a comfortable and well-laid out home, to always be prepared for guests you need:

  • A well-stocked pantry and a good selection of beverages.
  • Entertainment: a decent tv with a working remote, a selection of DVDs or a diverse Tivo assembly, board games, music.
  • Extra sheets, towels and bathrobes for overnight guests.
  • A couple of throws for cozying up on the couch during movie night or on chilly evenings.
  • A selection of take out menus, some cash and a working credit card.
  • A couple of dozen inexpensive, well-designed wine glasses.
  • A relaxed attitude about spills and a few good remedies, a well-run home with a good 15 minute clean-up plan.
  • A sense of humour and a sense of adventure.

[Image: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Paramount Pictures 1961]

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