Behold the super-sexy Kraken Black Spiced Rum, a bottle sure to be a dazzling addition to any bar cart. With its beautiful sea creature branding, it comes as no surprise that the folks from Kraken decided to capitalize on the wildly-popular nautical-esque decor theme.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
For those not equipped with a knowledgeable pair of sea legs, legend has it that a Kraken is a giant mythical sea creature with a penchant for attacking tall ships and rum running vessels throughout history.

Branching out past merely distilling liquor, you can now find Kraken's signature seafaring motif in everything from wallpaper and prints to shower curtains, towels and lamps.

To view the entire line and read the Kraken story, take a peek at their gorgeously illustrated website. You can even watch a few short films featuring this legendary creature and his path of destruction. Do you believe the Kraken ever existed?

(Images: The Kraken)