August Is...

August Is...

Heather Blaha
Aug 7, 2006

...a time for us to rejuvenate, enjoy what remains of summer, and spend as much time out of our apartments as possible! I just returned from a roadtrip east, through Canada, Niagara Falls, and ending up in Rochester, NY to visit family. In a couple weeks I'll be heading to a wedding in Yellow Springs, Ohio (never heard of it before. Has anyone been?). And Janel has me envious with upcoming plans for Hawaii at the end of the month.

We want to know where August is taking you, or where the summer has taken you so far:

In other news, we were excited to announce our Links Drive last week, in which we are inviting all home and design blogs to exchange links with us (therefore raising web rankings all around...both yours and ours!). Read more details here.

(Photo: Niagara Falls, August 2006)

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