August was over the top with gorgeous kids' rooms. Palettes ranged from subdued and serene to color explosion and we saw decor in every imaginable flavor. There was even a luchador-themed nursery in the mix. These are some of the rooms that inspired us in August 2011.

State's Breezy Chic Cowboy Room
Polly's Bold & Colorful Retro Room
Tripp's Big Red in The Big D
My Room: Sawyer & Aspen
Sam's Sweet Grey and Yellow Elephant Nursery

Maëlys and Chloé's No Pretty in Pink Please Girls' Room
My Room: Emma
Kahlo's Super Cool Lucha Libre Room
My Room: Baby Boots
Milla's Cozy & Eclectic Small Space

(Images: See linked posts for full image credits.)

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