Austin Art Deco Inspiration

Austin Art Deco Inspiration

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 23, 2008

Art Deco Style: you either love it or hate it. Done correctly, it's the ultimate style of elegance and timelessness. Done wrong, it's way over the top and gaudy. If you've wanted to incorporate hints of Art Deco in your own home but didn't know how, we've snapped some photographs of the famous Brown Building in downtown Austin for inspiration...

Hardware and light fixtures are an easy way to bring a little taste of Art Deco into your home. Don't worry about finding authentic pieces from the era (unless that's important to you), you can find lots of Art Deco inspired light fixtures in thrift stores.

The main floor of the Brown Building lobby is a gorgeous original terrazzo floor, but you can bring in the fun of Art Deco with patterned mosaic tile floors. Another fun way to add just a hint of Art Deco is through accessories with an Art Deco feel. Familiarizing yourself with the era's typical details will help you be able to spot good finds when shopping!

Our favorite part of the Brown Building lobby: its understated simplicity. Dynamic architectural details frame the elevators and texture arises from the beautiful colors and patterns of the marble and tiles. It's not over the top, and we like it that way! The Brown Building is located at 710 Colorado Street in Austin and was originally built in the late 1930s.

Do you love Art Deco Style? Tell us how you've incorporated it into your own home décor!

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