Austin's Green Attractions

Austin's Green Attractions

Amber Byfield
Aug 12, 2008

81208_habitatsuites4.1.jpgJust in time for those of you traveling to Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival next month, we'll be bringing you some Green Escapes in and around the city. Austin is home to plenty of sustainable stops--it's just part of the culture here. We'll bring you the shortlist of green hotels, shops, and eateries for your trip.

First stop: Habitat Suites in Central Austin.

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Habitat Suites sits smack-dab in the middle of Austin and oozes eco-friendliness.

According to their website, the list begins with:

• Grounds maintained with the use of natural, nontoxic fertilizers and pesticides

• Nontoxic, phosphate-free, natural cleansers used in cleaning

• Air ozonators/ionizers used for clean air quality in suites

• Biodegradable, recycled, unbleached paper products/recycling program

• Ladybugs populate our grounds, fostering healthy plants, the natural, chemical-free way

Managing partners Eduardo Longoria and John McCready began with the simple idea to transform the hotel into one that was easier on the air, and that was more than 10 years ago. Now, each decision the management makes is based upon sustainable practices. Everything, right down to the fire extinguishers, has been taken into consideration.

Habitat Suites utilizes all aspects of green energy, too, from solar-powered water heaters (installed just two years ago) to high-efficiency programmable thermostats and CFLs. They've recently installed enough solar panels to provide 20% of their own energy. And we've talked about recycled toilet paper for your home here on Re-Nest, but at Habitat Suites, that's what you'll get in your room.

Plus, our favorite part: the grounds are covered in beautiful, EDIBLE gardens!

Stay tuned later this week for more of Austin's green stops.

Photos courtesy of HabitatSuites.Com

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