Avocados: Handmade + Houseplants

Avocados: Handmade + Houseplants

Tess Wilson
Feb 24, 2012

For as long as I can remember, my mom has had an avocado pit sprouting on a windowsill in our sunny family kitchen. Not the same pit, of course, but a constant succession over 30 years. The successes went to friends, neighbors, and her kindergarten class, while the failures were philosophically replaced. I would love to have an avocado tree I raised myself, but until then there are Tamar Mogendorff's amazing avocado sculptures..

Tamar Mogendorff makes incredible fabric sculptures: swans, unicorns, birdcages, toadstools, and- one of my favorites- a stork carrying a surprise. Her pieces have a modern fairytale feel, making them sweet enough for a child's room but clean & stylish enough for an adult home. The flirtatious pearl carried by Alder & Co is particularly fetching, but I think a humble avocado pit- complete with toothpicks and glass- is more my speed.

And if you're interested in attempting to grow your own avocados (you'll be so popular and your hair will be so shiny), the California Avocado Commission has very helpful tips. Even if you never have a harvest, you could end up with a quite attractive houseplant.

(Images:Tamar Mogendorff)

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