Baby Case Diaper Bag By S. Stein Design

Baby Case Diaper Bag By S. Stein Design

Janie Lee
Mar 5, 2009

We've never been a fan of the diaper bag that was so overtly a diaper bag. Part of the reason probably is because our diaper bag sometimes doubles as our purse when running errands, even sans babies! So we definitely sit up and take notice when a stylish, sturdy, functional bag that's appropriate for either mom or dad comes our way. We think the Baby Case diaper bag by S. Stein Design is one to consider.

The Baby Case is made of canvas, suede and leather. Designer and mom Sherry Stein calls it a "fresh take on industrial chic." The husband checked it out and agreed that it passes the daddy test. This is one we'd gladly use as a purse/tote for ourselves. Besides good looks and sturdiness, we're impressed with the waterproof interior that can be removed and washed!

You can see more photos and buy the Baby Case here.

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