Baby Closet Organizer

Baby Closet Organizer

May 4, 2007

Big closet, tiny little clothes. One of the fundamentally irratating things about organizing kids rooms can be figuring out how to store their clothing. Hang their clothing on the adult-height rail and all, just taunts us.

So when we saw a Kolcraft closet organizer in action, we were impressed. Because yes, we could carefully measure out all of the wasted closet space and spend a fortune on a perfectly designed closet, or we could purchase one of these bad boys for $19.99 and spend that closet-organizing time out playing in the park.

It isn't pretty. But it isn't meant to be, and hey - that is why closets have doors! The Kolcraft Closet Organizer hangs easily over the rod, letting you hang some stuff, and store the rest on the 8 lower shelves. Mesh pockets on the sides are great for shoes and other small items.

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