Baby Clothes Quilt Kit

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As parents know, there are always a few pieces of baby clothing that prove just too special to let go of. Friends with babies and local charities get the bulk of outgrown things, but some are kept. A Chicago bedding designer offers a kit to make a small quilt from just those pieces.

The kit includes everything you need, tools, batting and specific directions. For the craft-phobic, you can cut the squares with the template and send it all back to Ticche & Bea. They'll sew it up and return a finished piece. While we wouldn't necessarily display the quilt, it does seem like a much sweeter keepsake.

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This just might be the answer to getting ours out of a storage box and into something we can use - most likely to dry our tears when we drop him off at college.

from Ticche & Bea, $29.50

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