Baby Squiggles to be Released...

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Born Free. A lot of people wonder where the AT logo came from. Even more wonder what it means, and how come we didn't pick something more sensible. The answer is that we tried being sensible and nothing worked, so we went with what we know...

We have been painting these forms for the past two years (there are a lot of them). They grow and change, and we don't know where they come from. They might have been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's melted snowball drawings. At any rate, we are past excuses and just giving them life. These four are gift to the runner's up of last month's MESSY CLOSET contest (Here's to BEN, TORY, NOA, MELISSA & ERICA!) as well as to Klotz|Sirmon for having us over. They are going in the mail tomorrow. MGR

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