Baby Tip: Create a Medical Tackle Box

Baby Tip: Create a Medical Tackle Box

Beth Callaghan
Oct 2, 2014
(Image credit: Jen M)

When my boys were little, I had various medical supplies strewn around the house: ear thermometer in the changing table drawer, teething drops in the kitchen, infant Tylenol in the bathroom. Although I often spent extra time looking for things I couldn't remember where I'd stored (where did I put the nail clippers?), I never thought to make a central station for everything. But this smart mom blogger did!

Jen at All Four Love put together a tackle box of supplies that not only corrals everything, it's also portable. Using correct measuring tools with infant and child medicines has been an important health message recently, and this storage solution helps by allowing you to store medicine with their respective dosing cups and syringes. Once you've got your box together, you can choose where to store it out of sight, whether it's under the sink in the bathroom or in the closet in the nursery.

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