BabyNes Nutrition System

BabyNes Nutrition System

Nestlé recently launched its BabyNes system in Switzerland. Think Nespresso for newborns. That pretty much nails it.

In its press release Nestlé emphasizes safety, convenience and hygiene, touting a microbiological filter built into each capsule to eliminate any bacteria present in the water. There are six different formulas for baby's development from birth to three years, and BabyNes dispenses single servings directly into bottles at ready-to-feed temperatures.

The machine costs approximately $320 and if our math is right then the capsules run about $2.40 a pop. We love gadgets and try to keep an open mind, but this product seems overpriced and we don't love the idea of filling the trash with all of those single-use capsules. Are we missing the boat? Will this revolutionize formula feeding?

Learn more at BabyNes (only auf Deutsch or en Français) or check out the release from Nestlé.

(Image: BabyNes)

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