Babywearing for Dads

Babies love to be close to the heart, smell familiar smells, and feel the motion of being walked around. All of these make dads perfect candidates for babywearing! Check out a few favorite dad-friendly baby carriers - from slings to soft structured packs - after the jump:
  • Rockin' Baby slings come in all kinds of playful prints that make a statement for dads and moms.
  • Bobas come in lots of solid, neutral organic fabrics. That's actually the husband of Boba's designer pictured up top!
  • AngelPack carriers are made of beautiful, printed organic fabrics. But they're all reversible to a solid backside so dads can carry without wearing a floral print, for instance.
  • Moby Wrap is currently featuring dads on their site. Head over there to see more inspiration.
  • The Beco Gemini has a sleek structured look that dads just might like. Plus, it comes in brown and black.