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It's that time of year when students are headed back to school, and whether that school is university or middle school, there are apps out there to help you get back into the swing of things. We remember that one of the most challenging things about returning to school was getting organised...but of course, now there's an app(s) for that!

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Evernote: I cannot sing the praises of this app enough, as it really helps with note taking and organisation in such a huge way. If you have not tried Evernote yet, get on it — with an app that works on almost every device and cloud syncing, you would be crazy not to. Android & iPad Free with premium subscriptions available.

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Pocket Schedule: This well reviewed app is perfect for the iPad toting student who wants to manage classes, exams, events, and tasks all in one place. We give the designer props for creating a schedule app that looks smart and can easily work just as well for a middle school student as a college student. iPad Free, $.99

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My Class Schedule: This Android app is the equivalent to the iPad only Pocket Schedule (or perhaps it's that Pocket Schedule is the analog to this?) as it provides management of classes, homework, and exams, with additional beneficial features like grade overview and the ability to mute your device when you're in class. Android Free, $1.62

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Pocket: In addition to adjusting to following a new schedule, students these days also need to keep their online reading material in order. Talking to some of my young friends who are still in school, they bemoan the mountain of links and pdfs that are handed out on a daily basis and have said that a way to organise them and read online links offline is huge. Pocket is perfect for this, and is the choice for collecting those links and reading them offline that I strongly recommend. Android & iPad Free

What apps help you or the student in your life adjust to the new school year?

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