So, first off, the greenest backpack you can get is one you already have. You can also get a second-hand pack from a thift store or flea market. But failing those options, there are a ton of backpacks with green features. Some are made with recycled or renewable materials and some include solar chargers for your gadgets.

For this roundup, we decided to err on the side of well-made durable packs made with recycled or renewable materials.

  1. Flower Power Pack, 100% cotton, $19.99
  2. Hangover Pack, certified organic cotton and leather accents, $100
  3. Juice Bag, solar panel pack made with recycled 2 litre soda bottles, $249.99,
  4. Recycled Rice Bag Backpack, handmade in Cambodia from recycled rice bags, $37
  5. Re-gen Mission, made of recycled PET bottles, $90
  6. Lookout 40 Pack, made from recycled PET bottles and keeps 26 bottles from landfills, $89.50
  7. Freedom Hemp Backpack, fair-trade made in Hong Kong in an audited factory without child or prison labour made of hemp and cotton, $119.50