Back to School Tech Guide: College Dorm Edition, Part 1

Back to School Tech Guide: College Dorm Edition, Part 1

Jason Yang
Aug 2, 2011

Summer's come and almost gone - and while that may mean an end to oppressive heat, it also means it's almost time to hit the books again. For those of us seeking higher education, college life is a unique opportunity to share a 15x15 room with a complete stranger, among other social and sometimes educational things. Deck out your dorm room and make your college life easier with essential tech for the returning scholar.

Compact Fridge/Kegerator
You gotta keep the refreshing hydrating healthy beer soda water cold somehow. Oh and it's good for keeping food-like sustenance too.

Alarm Clock
If there's anything we learned to invest in it's a good alarm clock so that we can hit snooze and ignore it until we're late for class. Don't just depend on your alarm clock - who knows where you put it after last night's kegger!

Internet Phone Calling
Whether it's Skype, Magic Jack, a simple webcam, or any other VOIP or internet based communication system, it's a nice way to keep in touch with your girlfriend attending another university or to make sad puppy faces to beg your parents to send more food and money.

A Good Backpack or Messenger Bag
There's a good chance your campus doesn't have door to door parking from dormroom to classroom, so you'll be hoofing it and lugging all your stuff with you. Carry it in style and comfort with a nice messenger bag or backpack.

Surge Protector
This may sound small, but chances are the wiring in your dorm room is just as ancient as your prestigous school's storied history. Protect your expensive tech gear with a simple surge protector.

There's nothing like having to prep for an 8am final exam and having your roommate or neighbors blasting music, video game sounds, and movie soundtracks - kindly enough for all to share. Block out the noise and limit your own with a good set of headphones. Wireless ones are even better, letting you pace around your room as you stress about that sorority chick upcoming test.

More To Come
Next class we'll cover video games and TV/movies to keep you preoccupied while you should be studying, shared printers and ink costs, safes for safekeeping your stuff from nosy roommates, and many more tech essentials for the college dorm life.

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