BackPack Keeps Maccessories Off Your Desk

This thing is far more sophisticated than our wire-hanger-made DIY cord wrangler, but it follows the same general principle: Want to hide stuff on your desk? Do it behind the monitor!

The BakcPack is a handy little shelf that hands from the aluminum stand of your iMac or Apple Cinema Display. It will hold up to five pounds of external hard drives, USB peripherals or sync-ing iPods without damaging your monitor (The BackPack 'hangs' using gravity so it doesn't need adhesive and it won't scratch the aluminum).

It's even good-looking enough to be front-and-center for those of you with desks that face away from the wall!

Plus, it's height adjustable, and there's room on the back of most displays for two BackPacks. You'll never have an excuse for rowdy wires again. Grab one straight from the Apple Store for $29.95.

Via GeekSugar

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