Bad House Day? 5 Awesome Pick-Me-Ups Under $15

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From time to time, I'll look around my shoebox of a NYC apartment and get a little down. Everything looks the same as the day before, but somehow it just feels so...blah. So I've gotten into the habit of treating myself to a little present every once in a while to cure the house blues. Works every time.

1. Flowers — Nothing says cheer up like a fresh bouquet, and doing it on the cheap is so easy. I pick them up from the deli, the supermarket or even outside (legally...I'm not into trespassing) and style them myself.

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2. Fancy hand soap — Sure, I could get soap anywhere, but if I want to sex up my bathroom, nothing is better than a beautifully designed bottle of delicious smelling, cushy French soap. I'm partial to Savon de Marseille but whatever makes you feel fancy will do the trick.

3. Scent — Something delicious smelling always lightens my mood and makes my home seem so much happier. A candle, incense or, the cheapest of the cheap option, a DIY aromatherapy room spray with natural oils (I love orange oil but pick your pleasure).

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4. Photos — Since 99% of the photos I take are on my phone, I used to never see a hard copy at all. But now, when I'm scrolling through my feed and find an especially lovely or sentimental pic, I'll take it to the corner store and have it printed. I vary the size, sometimes frame it, sometimes not, but I've amassed a pretty good gallery wall of my own photography.

5. Cute dish towel — They're colorful, patterned and useful. I throw one on my oven handle to give my dreary kitchen a little lift. So cheap and fun!

(Image credits: Kim Lucian; Nicole Crowder; Ashley Poskin)

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