Bain Ultra's Air Jet Bath and Home Spa

Bain Ultra's Air Jet Bath and Home Spa

Nov 8, 2007

Chromatherapy. Also know as color therapy, it's just one of the many features offered in BainUltra's bathtubs, along with aromatherapy, thermotherapy, and light therapy. Put them all together in one high end tub and BainUltra promises that "[your] next bathroom will not be a bathroom. It will be a home spa - the best home spa!"

We do think some of their tubs are beautiful, but while the people at BainUltra seem to think that all of these "therapies" will come together to make sure "your relaxation is guaranteed" we can't help but think that so many options and buttons might just be one more thing to stress about. (That and the $1,000-$10,000 price tag.)

For us, a bath is a bath. Enough hot water and perhaps some bubbles are all we need. Although being able to turn the bath water a glowing red could make for a great haunted house next Halloween . . .

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