Bamboo Kitchen Compost Pail by RSVP

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We've written many times before about the benefits of composting, but the reality is that composting can be a difficult process for apartment dwellers in the city. Those of us lucky enough to have access to community compost site still face the challenge of storing our organic scraps if daily trips to the composting bin are not possible. We were delighted therefore to find the RSVP Bamboo Kitchen Compost Pail to help tame the mess in the kitchen...

The 3.25qt pail is made of eco-friendly bamboo, and at 7"x11" will not eat up precious counter space. The removable liner is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and the dual charcoal filters in the lid are designed to keep your kitchen odor-free. The Bamboo Kitchen Compost Pail will hold several days' worth of kitchen scraps, vegetable trimmings, tea bags, coffee grinds, herbs, egg shells or spent flowers )though not any meat or meat by products, fish, fats or dairy products) and is available at Olive Barn for only $39.95.