bambu Sporks

bambu Sporks

Heather Blaha
Jun 12, 2007

We hit up some Ravenswood Manor / Lincoln Square yard sales on Saturday. Even though there was really nothing in particular we needed, the adage came to mind that one person's trash might be another person's treasure.

One thing we walked away with: an unopened package of four bambu sporks for 25 cents. For picnicking, using at work or even at home, we thought these cuties were great and might get a lot of mileage in our lives.

We also found them online from Urban Eco for $6 (marked down from $8).

Some features:
Made of 100% organically grown bamboo
Does not impart or absorb flavors
Hand finished with top grade natural, food-safe wood oil
Set of 4 sporks, 3.5 inches long

Any insight into these or other items from the bambu product line?

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