Barcelona Apartments from Habitat

The other night, we stumbled across Habitat, a website advertising apartments for short-term stays in Barcelona. We ended up clicking around for a good half hour, ogling the tile floors, balconies, and ocean views. It brought us back to a brief trip to Barcelona several years ago when we were guests in an apartment on Passeig de Grácia. The place looked just like some of the older apartments pictured above, with shutters that opened onto a tiny balcony overlooking the street...

1 Casp Apartment
2 Vista Apartment
3 Vista Apartment
4 Art 1 Apartment
5 Born 2 Apartment

6 Atlanta Apartment
7 Ferran 2 Apartment
8 Ferran 2 Apartment
9 Banys Apartment
10 Banys Apartment

For more information from Habitat, click here.