Bath and Beyond Chair

Bath and Beyond Chair

We've seen couches made from clawfoot bathtubs — the lines of the antique design lends itself perfectly to tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation as a classic setee. It makes sense, then, that the more pedestrian drop-in tub, receiving the same treatment, would come out looking like an Eames armchair.

The drain in the seat and proven water-worthiness of the piece make it well-suited to the task of, well, being a bath chair, but we wonder if it would look kind of redundant and strange next to a tub serving its original function.

Well, if one were to remodel an old 1980s bathroom, tearing out the old drop-in to replace it with a super-modern shower-room and stone tub, here's one thing they could hypothetically reuse.

By Reddish Design Studio.

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