Bath or Shower?

Bath or Shower?

Laure Joliet
Mar 7, 2008

In our old apartment we got used to taking showers more often because the bathtub was so small that more of us was out of it than in it and we'd end up shivering. But at the end of the day all we want is a nice hot bath.

Showers are good for getting things done: hair washed, legs shaved, dirt off. But baths, for us, are the cherry on top. You already know how many producst we keep in the bathroom and they're mainly for taking baths. And now in the new place we've got a bathtub that is long enough to stretch out in and narrow enough that it doesn't take much water to fill it up. We've noticed that we've been here about 2 weeks and have only taken 2 showers.

How about you? Are you more a bath or a shower person? And has that changed over the years? Or because of where you've lived?

[photo by Thomas J. Story for Sunset Magazine]

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