Bath-Time Goods: From Rubber Ducks to Robes

Bath-Time Goods: From Rubber Ducks to Robes

Sarah Coffey
Mar 1, 2010

Guide To: Tubs, faucet protectors, towels, and bath toys
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As much as catalog photos make it seem like bath time is a whole lot of sudsy fun, the truth is that many kids don't like it. Uncomfortable tubs and scary drains can seem like torture to a child, so it helps to start bath time fully equipped. Kid-friendly faucets, child-sized tubs, and bath toys can help make the process a little easier for both of you.

Puj Tub from Mini Jake, $40

Mini Jake (Brooklyn/Online): This modern baby store has a broad range of helpful bath goods, like the Puj Tub, a soft liner that fits inside a sink to protect an infant and make bathing easier. When you're finished, just rinse it off and hang it up on a hook.

Spunky Sprout (Online): This modern online store has a section devoted to Bath+Health+Safety. Focusing on products for babies and toddlers, they offer care kits, towels, and washcloths.

Oliebollen (Ann Arbor, Online): Former stay-at-home mom and current Oliebollen owner Margaret Schankler admits that she has "a stubborn addiction to childish living." Their bath toys are fun, colorful, and a little out of the ordinary.

Arte Bebe (Online): Online shop Arte Bebe is a good place to look for robes and hooded towels. Styles range from modern bathrobes for toddlers to playful, animal-themed bath mits.

Moolka (Online): This store has a nice selection of plastic squirting toys, including ducks in bright, Pop Art patterns.

The Ultimate Green Store (Online): This site covers a lot of ground, and their baby section is a good resource for organic towels, bath products, and water filters. The shower head shown above connects to a kitchen faucet or shower arm and creates a gentle, filtered spray.

Giggle (Various Locations/Online): This shop has a good selection of bath supplies for small apartments. The stool shown above, for instance, is a helpful tool for potty training and bath time, and it folds up when not in use.

Baby Geared (Online): This site has a pretty extensive selection of bath time goods with shampoos, shower curtains, robes, and bathroom innovations, like the Flo Faucet protector, which makes it a little easier to wash a small child's hair.

Mason & Matisse (Online): This modern baby shop has some hard-to-find bath items, like the Tummy Tub (shown above). Used for babies ages 0 to 6 months, the tub allows you to wash an infant upright, rather than lying down in the sink.

The Company Store (Online): Known for its bed and bath linens for adults, the Company Store has a sister site just for kids. All of their towels can be personalized with a child's name or monogrammed with their initials.

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