As part of my January Cure this month, I'm hoping to pull my place together with a few finishing touches, starting with the bathroom. While searching for inspiration I found myself drawn to these images.

Each incorporates warm touches usually found in other parts of the home, instead of the usual matchy-matchy bathroom accessories. They are much more suited to my home's aesthetic as a whole and a great way to create an extra inviting space.

  1. The simple and rustic bathroom of Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, creators of Oeuf. As seen on The Socialite Family.
  2. From Lonny, the deep blue bathroom of Lucky's Marlien Rentmeester, as designed by Hillary Thomas.
  3. The plant-filled bathroom of Michigan home of Lauren Naimola & Chad Pratt, from Apartment Therapy.
  4. Also from Lauren and Chad's home, a gallery wall in the bathroom.
  5. Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard's Brooklyn Home from Vogue, with rug, armchair and side table.