Bathroom Nook: Are We Needing Less Privacy?

Every once in a while, we come across bathrooms that are open to the rest of the room or simply have no door. When touring the W Hollywood hotel a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that a portion of the guest room bathroom walls consisted of glass. The translucency of the walls allowed anyone in the room a sneak peak into the bathroom.

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The hotel bathrooms were only slightly revealing. However, we have never seen a bathroom nook quite like the featured photo, from Desire to Inspire, which really takes a lack of privacy to the next level.

We are starting to wonder, is a lack of bathroom privacy the next trend? Has our society become so liberal that we no longer need doors or even walls in our bathrooms? I like to think of myself as more liberal than conservative. Maybe I am more prudish than I realize or it is possible that the new risque bathrooms have gone too far…

Images: Desire to Inspire

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