Bathroom Peeks: Leah and Nick's Home Depot Delight

Bathroom Peeks: Leah and Nick's Home Depot Delight

Mar 16, 2007

Welcome once more to Leah and Nick. We continue with the second of *three* bathroom remodels sent in by Leah. (The first one is here). About this one and the one after it Leah says:

We couldn't do a total gut job on either bathroom, but we tried to make each look as good as we could with mostly cosmetic changes. Again, we were going for a simple, clean, classic look. These projects were much more modest in scope, but the results were equally dramatic. [more pics, including a before shot, after the jump]

My husband's parents had both passed away, and we were left with the job of fixing up their charming-but-long-neglected cottage in Corte Madera. (I swear that we're not serial flippers -- life has just been very eventful for our family, in sometimes-bittersweet ways, the last couple of years.)

Both bathrooms had been redone over the years by my mother-in-law (who was quite the do-it-yourselfer in her day, with a very bold eye): One in the 1970s and one in the 1980s. We had a very limited budget and a very short window of time in which to work, but knew that we had to fix up these bathrooms in order to make the house saleable (we'd decided to keep our family in Oakland rather than move in ourselves).

In the downstairs bathroom, we ripped out the giant untrimmed mirror, oak vanity cabinet, beige countertop, and tarnished brass faucet and light fixture. In their place, we installed a simple white medicine cabinet, a pedestal sink with a classic chrome faucet, and a polished-nickel vanity light with milk-glass shades (everything was Home Depot all the way, but we went for items with a simple, classic look). We also ripped up the carpet (!) and laid down Marmoleum (LOVE that stuff!), replaced the oak towel-and toilet-paper holders with chrome, took out the old sliding shower doors, refinished the tub, opened up the painted-over window, and repainted the entire space (even the shower tiles had been sponge-painted; we couldn't afford to tear them out, so we simply painted them the same color as the walls and then sealed them). `

Thanks Leah!

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