Bathroom Peeks: Becky Goes Spare and Serene

Bathroom Peeks: Becky Goes Spare and Serene

Mar 20, 2007

Welcome to Rebecca, an honorary San Franciscan who telecommutes to our fair city as the editor of Design Public's blog, Hatch. Becky's cool bathroom is actually in Atlanta. Here's its story:

I live in a 1920's bungalow and wanted to keep it fresh and spare but also use accents from the period. My brother gutted this house for himself and his new bride 5 years ago. He was very careful to keep it in the original time period, adding all sorts of amazing trimwork. When their growing family outgrew the house, I moved in and am slowly redoing a few cosmetic things - they were more Restoration Hardware neutrals and I love color. [more pics and a slideshow link, after the jump]

I'm so happy with the sky blue I just put up in this room.

The clawfoot tub (reglazed and restored) and antique icebox (converted to a sink) are from Paris on Ponce in Atlanta - I think both items totalled about $450 - that place is amazing!

The vintage medicine cabinets, I don't remember where they each came from, I collect them at various junk shops/flea markets. I gave them a fresh coat of paint to make them less shabby.

The door is reclaimed - it was the side door into the house, but it was super drafty. The glass is frosted with spray on stuff.

The glass doorknobs and button light switches are new but made to look like they were from the period.

I have the luxury of a narrow linen closet in there where I store all of my linens, towels, toiletries I don't use very often. It's a good place to keep my extra green pottery collection.

The cat tried to eat the leaves and sticks five minutes after I took the picture and knocked the whole jar over.

Thank you Becky!

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