March is for Bathrooms!

March is for Bathrooms!

Mar 19, 2007

March at Home by Emily Payne
We're blogging the best in bathrooms this month: tips, resources, and ideas, and we've been lucky enough to peek into a few Bay Area reader bathrooms for inspiration. Last week we saw two remodels from readers Leah and Nick, and we'll be seeing another one from this demolition-happy couple today.

If you, too have sweated over a bathroom remodel or even a more cosmetic spruce-up and would like to share the fruits here, send us some pics this week. We'll thank you with an AT book or tee.

As we inch towards April, we're also getting close to the madness that is our annual Smallest, Coolest Contest (here's a link to last year's). If you're thinking about entering this year, rev your engines!-- or maybe just make sure your camera is working. We'll have the details on when and how to submit soon. And if you're just looking for a way to clear the cobwebs in your head or your home, check out The 2007 Spring Cure, which is entering its 3rd week today. Theres still time to play catch-up!

As always, we also welcome tips and questions on all things home (not just bathrooms!). Email us here.

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