With all eyes on the bathroom this month, it's easy to get swept up in the high end displays shown in magazines and product photos from different companies. There's nothing wrong with this short lived fairy tale, however, such bathrooms are usually staged instead of really lived in. In defiance of such photos, we rounded up a few of our favorite bathrooms from past house tours. Click through the jump to see where real people uh... do their business? And we're not talking home offices.

Top Row: Left To Right:
1. House Tour: Chuck and Holly's High School Home
2. House Tour: The Fahden's Clearly Clean & Simple
3. House Tour: Beth's Photogenic Home -
4. House Tour: Tanis & Terry's Workman's Cottage
5. House Tour: Patrick's World of Wonder

Bottom Row: Left To Right:
6. House Tour: Summer and Josh's Pumped Up Traditional
7. House Tour: Michelle Kaufmann's Smart Home