My mom always like to say, "Science is all around us", and that is especially true in the bath. Fluid dynamics, flotation, displacement, flow velocity, and other impressive-sounding terms!

Rachel Zurer recently did a fun Science In The Bath feature for Wired's GeekDad. Her suggestions require only food coloring, spoons, and tin foil, but if you want to go a step geekier, here are some bizarre and beautiful bathtime goods:

  • Listen to this- "The Famous Sega Toys' Planetarium is also available in a Bathroom Version." I had no idea there was a famous Sega Planetarium, but I'm so glad there's a bathroom version. Available from GeekStuff4U, it floats, is waterproof, and has three modes: Planetarium, Rose Petal, and Deep Sea. I tried to find a photo of it in action, but every single one featured a lady taking a bath in a towel.
  • ThinkGeek carries Squishy Baff H2Goo (none of those are typos), which looks awesomely weird. The baff goo comes in a bunch of colors, and the magic dissolver powder washes it neatly down the drain.
  • The Drop LED Bath Light from Japan Trend Shop is a waterproof teardrop that lights up when it touches water, and proceeds to cycle through a glowing spectrum of colors. Many sites are promoting it as "romantic", but what little kid wouldn't love a rainbow bath?
  • Okay, this GeekKryptonite Soap from Bubblelanesoap doesn't really do anything- except look awesome.
  • These Ashland Submersible LEDs from Michaels don't look too exciting, but Play At Home Mom says they are incredibly fun for bathtime.

The last product I wanted to tell you about is Glow-In-The-Dark Bubble Bath, but all the bottles of it I found have things like "Sexy" and "Lovin'" on the label. I'm not entirely convinced that a glow-in-the-dark bubble bath is sexy, but I'm sure kids would love it. There are a bunch of different kinds available on Amazon and they'd all be easy to decant into a non-sexy bottle.

(All images as credited above.)