Batteries ...for the Home?

Necessities for an emergency kit? How about a radio, flashlight, bottles of water and a backup lithium-ion rechargeable battery from Panasonic that can power your home for a week?

We've seen the idea of super-powered lithium-ion batteries get notoriety when we're talking about sustainable cars, but how about sustainable homes?

As soon as Panasonic bought a 50 percent stake in Sanyo, they announced plans to develop electricity storage cells for home use. They've predicted that their product could store sufficient electricity to power your home for one week.

It would go a long way towards making green homes with less carbon emissions (imagine a solar-powered home by day, battery-powered home by night), but we think this could be revolutionary in emergency situations. We'll just wait with baited breath to see if these home batteries ever make it to market—and if they're affordable.

Via DesignBoom

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