Beat the Heat: Alternatives to Everyday Appliances

Beat the Heat: Alternatives to Everyday Appliances

Micki Howl
Jul 28, 2011

The heat wave continues! With no letting up in sight, I've been minimizing my everyday appliance use in my home for two reasons: 1) The additional AC usage has me wanting to conserve elsewhere, and 2) Eliminating appliances that use heat keeps our house cooler in the evening.

Here are alternative suggestions to everyday appliances that use heat.

1. Use a dry shampoo, no need for the hot blow dry. Keep cool during your morning routine and ditch the hair dryer altogether. Even better, if you aren't using shampoo in the shower you'll also be saving water!

2. Hand wash your dishes or eliminate the "heated dry" setting on your dishwasher. This is a simple setting change on most standard dishwashers. The dishes will be cleaned but not dried so grab a towel and do it yourself! If you've got the time, skip the dishwasher altogether and go for the hand wash.

3. Cook without a stove. Here is a great list of recipes from the Kitchn to get you cooking without turning on your oven or stovetop:

4. Hang your clothes to dry. Opt to dry your wet clothes the eco-friendly way and skip the dryer altogether. Take advantage of the natural heat outdoors!

(Image: Flickr member rcbodden licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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