Beat the Winter Blues with Tiny Terrariums and Air Plants

Etsy Find

Although I love the cozy nights and rejuvenation that winter brings, the onslaught of snow and bitter cold have left me yearning for green plants, colorful flowers and warm sun. Searching around I found these little wonders from Etsy seller Tortoise Loves Donkey: while they're tiny enough to adorn your workspace or bedside table they'll also add a much-needed splash of green.

Tiny Terrariums, Air Plants and Beakers, images above, details below.

1 Three Tall and Tiny Terrariums, $14.50
2 Scientific Air Plant, $12.75
3 Hunky Chunky Corked Set of 3, $16.50
4 Bigger Than Your Average Tiny Terrarium, $12
5 Indoor/Outdoor and Awesome Concrete Planter, $15

(Images: Etsy shop Tortoise Loves Donkey)