Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Before and After

Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Before and After

Gregory Han
Jan 28, 2009
Of course, this is the "after"; check under the jump for the "before"

We've been followers of the LiveJournal SaucyDwellings community probably as long as we've been readers of Apartment Therapy, so we like to occasionally check-in to see what our fellow blogging decor community people are up to. Every once in awhile we see something that really impresses/inspires us, and caramel_83's small space bathroom renovation definitely falls under the category of "wow", especially if you like a minimal, no fuss modern finish to your loo room like we do...

Before images: "The old bathroom basically consisted of two small rooms (with an open doorway in between), where you'd first enter from the bedroom into a small laundry area, and then a step up into the shower/sink area. The laundry area had room for a washing machine and not much else, there was a strange cabinet built around the water heater in the corner, but the narrow door made it really impractical to store anything in there. Having the shower and the (tiny) sink so close together meant one person could not be brushing their teeth while the other was in the shower. Other than being really impractical, the room was just plain out disgusting, much worse than the photos show. The tiles and grout were so dirty, and tiles were coming loose from the walls. The floor tiles had this kind of grainy surface which made it feel like it was always covered in sand. It was dark, and the only heating in there was a tiny oven, which I'm pretty sure was not safe to keep in a wet room."

After: "The small mirror and the furniture is from Ikea, they were the perfect size for our space. The big mirror was from a flea market for about €10. To the left of the sink is where we tore down the wall between the two rooms. We also had downlights and underfloor heating installed, but apart from that we did everything ourselves.

When refinishing the walls we discovered an old doorway that had been covered up. We used it to incorporate shelves so we wouldn't need any extra furniture in the tiny room. At the bottom there is a laundry hamper that we built. The small ladder was washed up from the sea at our summer house a decade or two ago. Now we use it to reach the dryer, which is behind the curtain to the left."

Bravo! See the complete before and after post here with even more details about caramel_83's inspiring bathroom transformation. Now we want to scrub our tiles and regrout so we can have that same sparkling clean effect.