Beautiful Brio Bridges & More

Beautiful Brio Bridges & More

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 16, 2011

Yesterday a 6-year-old asked me what my favorite toy was when I was his age. Without hesitation I said my Brio train set. In fact, if I knew where it was in my parents' attic, I would go dig it out right this second. So when I came across a new-to-me blog this week, I suddenly found myself over the moon. This blog, is all about train track construction.

It's good for adult nerds like myself and for older children who might be less interested in the actual trains themselves. An older sibling might have great fun checking out all the different tracks you could make and recreating them for younger brothers and sisters.

Although there's nothing wrong with coming up with your own train track configurations, it's still neat to see what others come up with. Check out all the tracks your brain can handle over at Wooden Track Mind.

(Image: Wooden Track Mind)

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