Keeping a garden takes a fair amount of work and attention to yield fresh foods yourself right at home. And then there's a whole other stratum of gardens that are kept as a practical artform. Not only do they produce garden-fresh foods, but they're absolute stunners to behold. Here, we've gathered a few such gardens:

1 Woven plant covers at BinBin.
2 Bright red spiraled tomato stakes are also an accent in this small, colorful garden from Better Homes and Gardens.
3 Instead of typical rows, this garden from Country Living is planted with many criss-crossing paths. This makes it easy to access plants and it's an interesting visual.
4 Birch branches pushed into the ground make supports for peas, beans, and cucumbers in Martha Stewart's vegetable garden.
5 A jalapeno plant, carefully marked with a labeled stone, via Under Construction.