Bedbugs Take Manhattan #3

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #3

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 15, 2007

Though your votes were split, Amanda let herself be the sacrificial lamb last night, and King Kong did not come. Or rather, Mr. Bedbug didn't come. Mr. Mosquito did.

She washed all of her bedlinens yesterday afternoon and went to sleep with the lights off to see if any new bedbugs would show up. Instead, she was bitten repeatedly by mosquitos that buzzed through the window.

She also spoke to the landlord to find out where her neighbors were (she thinks the bedbug came through the common wall), and found out that they've been away and won't be back for a week. Apparently, they travel a lot. The possibility of their being the bedbug originators just escalated...

On a related note, we heard via the rumor mill that bedbugs in NYC are not only on the rise, but they are increasing at such a rate that they are expected to penetrate a majority of the metro area over the next five years. Ugh.

Now Amanda has a tougher problem as to whether to hire the pest control company for $650 without any additional bedbug sightings. She feels that those who urged her yesterday to expect the worst may be right, but she's feeling inclined to hold off for financial reasons as well as to wait until her neighbors return and the pest people can inspect their apartment.

Stay tuned! We'll be back on Monday to report on whether there's been any unwanted weekend action in Amanda's apartment.


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