Bedbugs Take Manhattan!

Bedbugs Take Manhattan!

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 13, 2007

This is breaking news. Within one of the homes previously toured on AT (don't even try guessing), a bedbug has been found (see above) within the past 24 hours, after more than a week of reported bites...

Apparently the news is sobering. Nighttime bites were growing within an apartment that is chic, beautiful and CLEAN. The owner has not been traveling lately. No besotted overnights with traveling salesmen had been happening (lately). The building has no other reported sightings. This bug was found by leaving the lights out all evening and then snapping them on to catch this nocturnal creature.

Pulling the bed away from the wall helped to avoid any bites last night.

The apartment is getting bombed tomorrow.

We'll be there.

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