Bedding on a Budget?

Bedding on a Budget?

Grace Shu
Aug 30, 2007

A few months ago, a friend was telling me how her partner was trying to get her to buy some high-count sateen sheets. "It's a pretty good deal," she mused, "A queen-size set of 800-threadcount on Overstock for cheap?!" Unfortunately, it was indeed too good to be true: the sheets were rough and she booted her partner to the curb (but not just for the bedding choice. Although it might have been a factor in her decision).

After returning the sateen set, she spent the next few days researching all about bedding and threadcounts--and finally bought a set of 500-count supima cotton sheets out of sheer frustration.

So, even though bedding is a personal choice (ie, I was so obsessed with my aunt's linen bedding that I grilled her until she 'fessed up where she got them. Areahome's Simone Linen sheet, if anyone cares), can anyone recommend affordable, quality bedding?

Photo from Blueprint.

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