Bedroom #10: SH's Laughing Laotian Ladies

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Final Day! Enjoy and thanks to everyone who risked life and limb (and the peanut gallery). MGR

Why MY bedroom is the MOST beautiful loved:

Why I love my bedroom: Nannie's spindle bed; duvet made by tiny laughing Laotian ladies; bitter orange walls E. painted one year ago for a Valentine's Day surprise, and which I, fickle as I am, still love; homemade Thai bird poster & interfacing light fixture; grandfather's tent revival panorama above the bed; Burmese linen basket; Richter Rasterbation; Phnom Penh slippers; morning light through the pocket doors; weekend crossword puzzles; camera-shy Lily purring on the pillow above my head.

1. In a word: Featherbed.
2. Love the one you're with.
3. And if you can't be with the one you love, know what makes a nice companion?
--NPR from a small AM transistor radio under your pillow.

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