Bedroom Above Nursery Below

As loft spaces become more popular in mainstream culture we're seeing all sorts of buildings being flipped into these types of industrial and open spaces. Although they're fun, they can present challenges such as creating a nursery when you don't have many walls, especially if space is tight. Check out this modern lofted floorplan. Would it work for your family?

Wouldn't it be cool to have a team of architects design and build you a nursery? What about a bedroom too? That's exactly what the team over at Ateliers L. McComber did for this attractive home.

Although we're thinking 3am feedings might be a little challenging on sleep deprived parents trying to walk up and down the ladder, we're also sure it would quickly become second nature. Would this space work for your family or do you think it falls in the category of looks great, but isn't for you?

(Image: Ateliers L. McComber via Furniture Fashion)

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