Bedroom Desks: Yea or Nay

I'm not talking desks where you get serious work done here - that would make it difficult to relax in what should be the most calming room of the home. But a small desk in the bedroom can be helpful for small tasks and leisurely letter-writing (if that's done at all anymore!). Here are some examples:

My own home has a very tiny desk in the bedroom (first image). I use it to store thank-you's, paper, pens, envelopes, a couple of books, and a few small accessories. The desktop is a perfect place to surf the net a little before hitting the sack. I could bring the computer to bed with me, but that just leads to staying online for way too long and losing sleep.

I suppose a very small space could double up and use the desk as a bedside table (image three), but I'm not sure I'd want a desk that close to my head when trying to sleep.

Do you use a desk in the bedroom? How do you put it to use?

Images: Regina Yunghans, Country Living, The Lennoxx

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